Michael David Lane

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We report the safety and efficacy of combined radiofrequency ablation and cementoplasty in treating painful neoplastic bone lesions. Fifty-three combined radiofrequency ablation and cementoplasty procedures were completed in 36 patients. Thirty-four vertebrae (20 lumbar, 14 thoracic), 14 acetabulae, 3 sacra, 1 pubic symphysis, and 1 humerus were treated.(More)
Electrostatic deposition of charged pesticide sprays onto biological targets may be undesirably limited under certain operational conditions by gaseous-discharge currents induced to flow between the incoming charged spray cloud and grounded points on the target (e.g. leaf tips). Spray deposition and charge transfer onto idealized target models as functions(More)
There is still a paucity of information about the clinical presentation, treatment and imaging findings of latissimus muscle tears. Only one study has specifically described the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) features of latissimus tendon tears. We describe a case of a high-grade tear in the latissimus muscle tendon in an active water skier with no(More)
Evaluate the efficacy of percutaneous vertebroplasty for severe vertebral body compression fractures. Over a period of 6 years and 8 months, 661 vertebroplasties were performed in 292 patients at our institution. Of these, 69 patients met our criteria for a severe vertebral body compression fracture defined as vertebral body collapse to less than one-third(More)
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