Michael David Carrasco

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We describe the design and fabrication of an artificial cornea based on a photolithographically patterned hydrogel construct, and demonstrate the adhesion of corneal epithelial and fibroblast cells to its central and peripheral components, respectively. The design consists of a central "core" optical component and a peripheral tissue-integrable "skirt." The(More)
The role of different hypothalamic nuclei, particularly the paraventricular nucleus (PVN), in the control of food intake and feeding behaviour is well known. It is also well established that lithium chloride (LiCl) causes various disorders in feeding behaviour. In this study, we analyzed the precise distribution of hypothalamic neurons activated by i.p.(More)
Insulin and glucose play a key role in the control of body energy homeostasis. However, the anatomical organization of the network of central insulin and glucose sensitive areas is still unclear. In the present study, we used a multiple-labelling technique combining retrograde tracing and Fos-like immunohistochemistry, to analyse the anatomical projections(More)
The location of hypothalamic paraventricular neurons projecting to sympathetic preganglionic levels and related to the autonomic regulation of various organs involved in glucose metabolism (OGM) was determined by ipsilateral injections of two fluorescent tracers, Diamidino Yellow into the left dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus and Fast Blue into the left(More)
Epithelialization of a keratoprosthesis requires that the implant material be sufficiently permeable to glucose. We have developed a poly(ethylene glycol)/poly(acrylic acid) (PEG/PAA) interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) hydrogel that can provide adequate passage of glucose from the aqueous humor to the epithelium in vivo. A series of PEG/PAA IPNs with(More)
Anorexia inducing lithium chloride is believed to involve descending projections from hypothalamus to preganglionic autonomic output neurons. A multiple-labelling technique has presently been used to analyze the anatomical projections of lithium chloride sensitive neurons in the hypothalamus. Immunolabelling of c-fos was performed to stain neurons activated(More)
Cutaneous vasculitis is an uncommon complication of propylthiouracil therapy. Its pathogenesis has been related to the presence of circulating immune complexes. The lesions may be purpuric or bullous hemorrhagic, possibly evolving into necrotic ulcerations. Usually, lesions develop on the extremities and earlobe. The vasculitis has been related to the(More)
Most Maya hieroglyphic texts present narratives in the third person , which infuses narratives with factual authority as they imply a witness to the events described. In the last decade, however, the recognition of various discourse genres using first-and second-person pronouns in the inscriptions has profoundly altered our understanding of the narrative(More)
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