Michael Daniel Samson

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In this paper, a well-conditioned collocation method is constructed for solving general p-th order linear differential equations with various types of boundary conditions. Based on a suitable Birkhoff interpolation, we obtain a new set of polynomial basis functions that results in a collocation scheme with two important features: the condition number of the(More)
This paper serves as our first effort to develop a new triangular spectral element method (TSEM) on unstructured meshes, using the rectangle–triangle mapping proposed in the conference note (Li et al. 2011). Here, we provide some new insights into the originality and distinctive features of the mapping, and show that this transform only induces a(More)
The effect of long-term prednisone treatment on gastric blood flow, as it relates to the development of gastric lesions, was studied. Young pigs were given (IM) saline solution or prednisone (10 mg/kg) each day for various periods. Blood flow was measured, using the radioactive microsphere entrapment technique, at the end of 7, 14, and 21 days of treatment.(More)
The extent and location of the sacral parasympathetic nucleus was studied in 6 dogs, using light microscopy. After interruption of the pelvic nerve, chromatolytic somata were observed in thionin-stained transverse serial sections (15 mum) of appropriate spinal cord segments. Maps of the sacral parasympathetic nucleus were made by plotting the chromatolytic(More)
Regional blood flow to the kidneys was measured in 6 ewes by injecting carbonized microspheres (15 micrometer +/- 5) labeled with 85Sr into the left ventricle. There was no significant (P greater than 0.25) difference in the mean arterial pressure before and after injection of the microspheres. Normal values of blood flow to the outer cortex, inner cortex,(More)
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