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PURPOSE To investigate radiation necrosis in patients treated for glioma in terms of incidence, outcomes, predictive and prognostic factors. METHODS AND MATERIALS Records were reviewed for 426 patients followed up until death or for at least 3 years. Logistic regression analysis was performed to identify predictive and prognostic factors. Multivariate(More)
Stereotactic radiation therapy has emerged as an alternative to conventional radiotherapy for treatment of Cushing disease. The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy and safety of this treatment. Records of patients with Cushing disease treated with stereotactic radiation were reviewed. Seventeen patients underwent stereotactic radiosurgery. Ten(More)
We present our experience with hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy (HSRT) using 15 fractions to treat benign conditions of the cavernous sinus (CS) and emphasise the outcome in terms of cranial nerve (CN) function and toxicity for long term safety and efficacy. We performed a retrospective review of prospectively collected data on 112 patients with(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the management of and outcomes in a population-based cohort of patients with newly diagnosed glioma. DESIGN, SETTING AND PATIENTS Retrospective cohort study of patients with glioma newly diagnosed over the period 1998-2000 in Victoria. Patients were identified from the population-based Victorian Cancer Registry (VCR). Doctors(More)
PURPOSE To assess factors related to the risk of acute urinary retention and other morbidity indices in patients undergoing transperineal seed implantation of the prostate. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred and seventy-three consecutive patients treated with (125)Iodine transperineal interstitial permanent prostate brachytherapy (TIPPB) were evaluated.(More)
One hundred twenty 4-mo-old wether lambs born to Targhee ewes and sired by six rams each from Merino (Finewool, FM and Strongwool, SM), Rambouillet (Dubois, DR and Texas, TR), and Targhee (T) breeds were randomly assigned to predetermined slaughter weight groups of 43, 48, 52, and 57 kg and evaluated for growth and carcass traits. Overall mean ADG and feed(More)
While melanoma brain metastases (BM) are consistently associated with worse survival compared to other histologies, whether they correlate with worse local control (LC) following stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is not yet well-defined. In this study of prospectively and retrospectively collected data we investigated the impact of histology and other host,(More)
PURPOSE To discriminate between random and systematic treatment setup errors using portal films. METHODS AND MATERIALS A bi-dimensional analytic techniques using multiple analyses of variance based on Hotelling's T2 statistics to derive numerical and graphical measures of daily portal film accuracy and precision has been trialed using 88 daily portal(More)
Chemotherapy has an increasing role in the management of gliomas. In particular, chemotherapy provides survival and quality of life benefits in the setting of recurrent high-grade gliomas and in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme. We have previously reported details on patterns of care regarding 828 patients diagnosed with a glioma in the(More)