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Wikipedia started a project in order to enable users to add video and audio on their Wiki pages. The technical downside of this is that its bandwidth requirements will increase manifold. BitTorrent-based peer-to-peer technology from P2P-Next (a European research project) is explored to handle this bandwidth surge. We discuss the impact on the BitTorrent(More)
A combination of declining costs and policy measures motivated by greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction and energy security have driven rapid growth in the global installed capacity of solar photovoltaics (PV). This paper develops a number of unique data sets, namely the following: calculation of distribution of global capacity factor for PV deployment;(More)
Perchlorate (ClO4(-)) is ubiquitous in the environment. It is produced naturally by atmospheric photochemical reactions, and also is synthesized in large quantities for military, aerospace, and industrial applications. Nitrate-enriched salt deposits of the Atacama Desert (Chile) contain high concentrations of natural ClO4(-), and have been exported(More)
We have developed Metavid.org, a site that archives video footage of the U.S. Senate and House floor proceedings. Visitors can search for who said what when and also download, remix, blog, edit, discuss, and annotate transcripts and metadata. The site has been built with Open Source Software (OSS) and the video is archived in an OSS codec (Ogg Theora). We(More)
This paper describes a neural network based controller for allocating capacity in a telecommunications network. This system was proposed in order to overcome a "real time" response constraint. Two basic architectures are evaluated: 1) a feedforward network-heuristic and; 2) a feedforward network-recurrent network. These architectures are compared against a(More)
Collaborative video for Wikipedia faces several challenges from social and community adoption to technology limitations. This presentation explores how each of these problems are being addressed. The presentation focuses on building a collaborative educational video community and how the html5 technology platform has evolved to better support rich media(More)