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Handling patient complaints is possibly one of the most delicate tasks any manager must face. Although managing patient complaints is never a pleasant experience, a detailed plan can make it easier and more uniform, resulting in less stress and anxiety. Before improvements can be accomplished, deficiencies in the system must be corrected. Only after the(More)
An emergency medical service (EMS) system is part of a broad health care system which no longer can be concerned exclusively with patient transportation. Integration of prehospital and in-hospital emergency care must be achieved to provide quality patient care. This article suggests modifications in the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare(More)
The outcome of care has traditionally been defined as a "change in the patient's current and future health status that can be attributed to antecedent health care." However, this definition provides a "unidimensional view of quality." It fails to take into account the customer's attributes and the many small steps or process variances that can contribute to(More)
PURPOSE As precision medicine continues its expansion into clinical practice and research settings, it is time to investigate genetic and genomic research in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to identify the strengths and deficits and to provide suggestions for future development. METHODS We performed a literature review of any genetic or(More)
Negative outcome management depends upon reducing variances in the structure and process of health care. In the multitask environment of a hospital's emergency department (ED), a system is required to monitor the many tasks for variances. Without a monitoring system in place, the cumulative effect of these structure and process variances will significantly(More)
High patient volumes requiring rapid turn around times, critical decision making processes, and a necessity for establishing an accurate working diagnosis are a few of the many challenges in hospital emergency departments. Quality management, rather than quality assurance, most accurately describes how activities in the emergency department should be(More)
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