Michael D. Young

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The response regulator AlgR is required for both alginate biosynthesis and type IV fimbria-mediated twitching motility in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In this study, the roles of AlgR signal transduction and phosphorylation in twitching motility and biofilm formation were examined. The predicted phosphorylation site of AlgR (aspartate 54) and a second aspartate(More)
Three experiments simulating military RADAR detection addressed a training difficulty hypothesis (training with difficulty promotes superior later testing performance) and a procedural reinstatement hypothesis (test performance improves when training conditions match test conditions). Training and testing were separated by 1 week. Participants detected(More)
This paper presents a comparison of two models, built on the same architecture, ACT-R, and on the same dynamic decision making task, RADAR. The two models represent the Strategy-Based Learning (SBL) approach and the Instance-Based Learning (IBL) approach. The SBL approach assumes a certain set of predefined strategies, and learning occurs by selecting the(More)
We present the application of remote focusing to multiphoton laser scanning microscopy and utilize this technology to demonstrate simultaneous, programmable multi-layer imaging. Remote focusing is used to independently control the axial location of multiple focal planes that can be simultaneously imaged with single element detection. This facilitates(More)
Multifocal multiphoton microscopy (MMM) in the biological and medical sciences has become an important tool for obtaining high resolution images at video rates. While current implementations of MMM achieve very high frame rates, they are limited in their applicability to essentially those biological samples that exhibit little or no scattering. In this(More)
Market-based resource management systems typically retain some residual regulation to manage externalities left unresolved. This residual regulation could be improved through renewable " evergreen " operating contracts between the government and the entitlement holder(s). Renewal well before contract expiration would avoid the end-point problems of a fixed(More)
A model of human automaticity in a dynamic visual task (RADAR) is reported. This model represents a first approximation for a model that reproduces the main results from human participants collected by Young, Healy, Gonzalez, and Bourne (2007). The initial results on response time demonstrate high degree of fidelity (R 2 =0.98) using a process model derived(More)
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