Michael D. Wertheimer

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The objective of this study was to test the hypothesis that the regular practice of mindfulness meditation is associated with increased physiological levels of melatonin. Melatonin may be related to a variety of biologic functions important in maintaining health and preventing disease, including breast and prostate cancer. Previous studies have shown(More)
BACKGROUND Targeted health promotion requires an identifiable subpopulation which is accessible, at increased risk, receptive to input, and receptive to change. Relatives of recently diagnosed cancer patients may meet these criteria and have not previously been investigated as recipients of preventive education regarding smoking and diet. METHODS This(More)
The purpose of this study was to better understand older women’s experience with breast cancer treatment decisions. We conducted a longitudinal study of non-demented, English-speaking women ≥ 65 years recruited from three Boston-based breast imaging centers. We interviewed women at the time of breast biopsy (before they knew their results) and 6 months(More)
Sparganosis is a parasitic infection caused by Spirometra spp. and often presents as a subcutaneous swelling, most commonly noticed in the abdominal wall or extremities. Amphibians such as frogs ingest infected copepods (crustaceans that have ingested coracidia, i.e., Spirometra spp. embryos) and serve as a secondary intermediate host. Complete surgical(More)
Post-irradiation or secondary angiosarcoma of the breast was first described in the 1980s in patients treated with breast conserving therapy for cancer. The primary management of radiation-induced breast angiosarcoma has focused on surgical resection with an emphasis on achieving negative tumor margins. While surgery remains a key component of treatment,(More)
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