Michael D Weller

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A strategy for the synthesis of members of the prenylated indole alkaloid family is described, which involves a radical cascade process of an appropriately substituted diketopiperazine (DKP) core structure. Several approaches to the generation of the initial radical were explored, with the most successful involving treatment of a sulfenyl substituted DKP(More)
A two-directional synthesis of a masked hexayne 7, in which two beta-chlorovinylsilanes protect two of the internal alkynes, is reported. The key step involves the Pd-catalyzed oxidative dimerization of alkyne 10 to provide diyne 12, which is elaborated into centrosymmetric masked hexayne 7 in four steps. Masked hexayne 7 is a constitutional isomer of(More)
An aryl-end-capped dodecayne has been prepared using a four-fold fluoride-mediated dechlorosilylation of a masked dodecayne precursor containing four beta-chlorovinylsilane residues that serve as masked alkynes; the unstable dodecayne product has been characterised by UV-vis absorption spectroscopy and 'matrix-free' MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.
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