Michael D. Watson

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Background: Vaccination is a complex ecosystem with several components that interact with one another and with the environment. Today's vaccine ecosystem is defined by the pursuit of polio eradication, the drive to get as many of the new vaccines to as many people as possible and the research and development against immunologically challenging diseases.(More)
Vaccination is made possible by an interconnected and interdependent ecosystem of vaccine producers, vaccination policy makers and implementers, and vaccine procurers and funders. The future of vaccination depends on the continued health of this ecosystem and its ability to produce, purchase, deliver, and innovate. However, the number of vaccine producers(More)
— Human exploration of the solar system requires fully autonomous systems when travelling more than 5 light minutes from Earth. This autonomy is necessary to manage a large, complex spacecraft with limited crew members and skills available. The communication latency requires the vehicle to deal with events with only limited crew interaction in most cases.(More)
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