Michael D. Ryall

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Nearly all industries exhibit geographic concentration. Most theories of the location of industry explain the persistence of these production centers as the result of economic efficiency. This article argues instead that heterogeneity in entrepreneurial opportunities, rather than differential performance, maintains geographic concentration. Entrepreneurs(More)
n-player coalitional games with transferable payo® o®er a promising framework for analyzing value appropriation under competition. But making progress necessitates understanding how the force of a player's value-producing alternatives a®ects the upper and lower bounds of his set of equilibrium (core) payo®s. Unfortunately, there are virtually no results of(More)
An electronic interface for a Research Machines 380Z microcomputer and a Vickers M85/6 integrating microdensitometer is described, together with outlines of the control software. A typical applications programme, which may be written in several high-level languages, is outlined for the determination of a time course plot for enzyme activity in a tissue(More)
We consider extensive-form games in which the information structure is not known and ask how much of that structure can be inferred from the distribution on action profiles generated by player strategies. One game is said to observationally imitate another when the distribution on action profiles generated by every behavior strategy in the latter can also(More)