Michael D Rhodes

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We describe the genome sequencing of an anonymous individual of African origin using a novel ligation-based sequencing assay that enables a unique form of error correction that improves the raw accuracy of the aligned reads to >99.9%, allowing us to accurately call SNPs with as few as two reads per allele. We collected several billion mate-paired reads(More)
Cancer is driven by mutation. Worldwide, tobacco smoking is the principal lifestyle exposure that causes cancer, exerting carcinogenicity through >60 chemicals that bind and mutate DNA. Using massively parallel sequencing technology, we sequenced a small-cell lung cancer cell line, NCI-H209, to explore the mutational burden associated with tobacco smoking.(More)
In this review we describe the principles, protocols, and applications of two commercially available SNP genotyping platforms, the TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays and the SNPlex Genotyping System. Combined, these two technologies meet the requirements of multiple SNP applications in genetics research and pharmacogenetics. We also describe a set of SNP(More)
We developed the SNPlex Genotyping System to address the need for accurate genotyping data, high sample throughput, study design flexibility, and cost efficiency. The system uses oligonucleotide ligation/polymerase chain reaction and capillary electrophoresis to analyze bi-allelic single nucleotide polymorphism genotypes. It is well suited for single(More)
Erin D Pleasance(1), Philip J Stephens(1), Sarah O'Meara(1),(2), David J McBride(1), Alison Meynert(3), David Jones(1), Meng-Lay Lin(1), David Beare(1), King Wai Lau(1), Chris Greenman(1), Ignacio Varela(1), Serena Nik-Zainal(1), Helen R Davies(1), Gonzalo R Ordoñez(1), Laura J Mudie(1), Calli Latimer(1), Sarah Edkins(1), Lucy Stebbings(1), Lina Chen(1),(More)
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