Michael D. Rabin

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The investigation examined the association between the perceived identity of odorous stimuli and the ability to recognize the previous occurrence of them. The stimuli comprised 20 relatively familiar odorous objects such as chocolate, leather, popcorn, and soy sauce. Participants rated the familiarity of the odors and sought to identify them. At various(More)
Four experiments were performed to examine how natural language conventions might be used to improve the user interface for systems using automatic speech recognition (ASR). Two new technological developments offered us this opportunity: word spotting permits recognition of key words embedded in extraneous speech; barge in permits the user to speak to the(More)
This tutorial provides an introduction to multimedia authoring tools. We contrast these tools with presentation packages and with programming languages. We also describe some of the most important features to look for when selecting a multimedia authoring tool for a projectwhether PC-based or Web-based, and we give an overview of the most popular multimedia(More)
Three nasal/oral sensory systems, which are anatomically and physiologically distinct, mediate smell, taste, and irritation. However, all three systems may be stimulated by food chemicals (which have "flavors" for the individual), and their receptors are located in adjacent oral and nasal cavities. The three sensory systems each have tiny cerebral cortical(More)
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