Michael D Platt

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Temperature sensation has a strong impact on animal behavior and is necessary for animals to avoid exposure to harmful temperatures. It is now well known that thermoTRP (transient receptor potential) channels in thermosensory neurons detect a variable range of temperature stimuli. However, little is known about how a range of temperature information is(More)
Pain and symptom management at the end of life remains suboptimal.Pain physicians are uniquely placed to provide interventions for patients with difficult to manage pain.Interventions such as acupuncture, radiofrequency ablation, neurolysis together with regional analgesia including neuraxial techniques and spinal cordotomy may provide the patient with(More)
operates in a number of them and earns there only around £30 million. Despite the concerns, many still believe Witty's pledge marks a major step forward for neglected diseases and developing countries. " He is breaking the mould in validating the concept of patent pools, " said Rohit Malpani at Oxfam's access to medicines campaign. " It is a big step(More)
Mangabey monkeys have been shown to rely on memory of recent trends in temperature and solar radiation to decide whether to feed on a particular patch of fruit. These observations reveal a rich mental representation of the physical environment in monkeys and suggest foraging may have been an important selective pressure in primate cognitive evolution.
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