Michael D. Peterson

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We develop and test several heuristics for two well-known vehicle routing problems which have stochastic demand: the probabilistic traveling salesman problem (PTSP) and the prob-abilistic vehicle routing problem (PVRP). The goal in these problems is to obtain optimal a priori tours, that is, tours which are designed before demands are known. We develop a(More)
Recent studies have identified the rs75932628 (R47H) variant in TREM2 as an Alzheimer's disease risk factor with estimated odds ratio ranging from 2.9 to 5.1. The Cache County Memory Study is a large, population-based sample designed for the study of memory and aging. We genotyped R47H in 2974 samples (427 cases and 2540 control subjects) from the Cache(More)
Current demands for graduates of Information Technology (IT) programs require that they possess deep technical skills, multidisciplinary awareness, and the ability to deliver the value of technical skills to customers and clients. In order to produce this kind of IT professional, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions must embrace this(More)
Problem-based Learning (PBL) has become a popular method of instruction among educators in the health professions. Central to the effectiveness of PBL is the ability of students to work together to solve problems. When these abilities are lacking, PBL outcomes can be compromised. Since these skills have not been emphasized in public school or higher(More)
W e develop a new model for studying the phenomenon of congestion in a transient environment , focusing on the problem of aircraft landings at a busy "hub" airport. Our model is based on a Markov / semi-Markov treatment of changes in the weather, the principal source of uncertainty governing service times, together with a treatment of the arrival stream as(More)
A previous paper (1992) by the same authors studied the phenomenon of transient congestion in landings at an airport and developed a recursive approach for computing moments of queue lengths and waiting times. This paper extends our approach to a network, developing two approximations based on the prior method. Both approaches work by using delay(More)
Coccidioidomycosis (‘Valley Fever’), caused by the inhalation of the fungus Coccidioides, remains a recalcitrant health problem in large parts of California. The incidence and severity of the disease continues to rise in many parts of the state. In this manuscript, we highlight unanswered questions about the disease. Specifically, the extent of disease(More)
Many organizations are not able to protect their assets from hackers or attackers until their systems or businesses are affected. The security specification process provides an organization with a proactive approach to operate in the most cost efficient manner with a known and acceptable level of security risk. In this paper, we have addressed IT security(More)
Many people deny that evil makes belief in atheism more reasonable for us than belief in theism. After all, they say, the grounds for belief in God are much better than the evidence for atheism, including the evidence provided by evil. We will not join their ranks on this occasion. Rather, we wish to consider the proposition that, setting aside grounds for(More)