Michael D. O'Toole

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This paper presents an apparatus to measure the spectroscopic magnetic response of small metallic objects and deduce the magnetic polarizability tensor. The measured transimpedances of a .222 Remington rifle cartridge and titanium cube are compared to simulated results and are found to match well providing verification of the method. The eigenvalues of the(More)
This paper presents a method for the simulation of sensitivity maps from an array of coils. Some of the criteria necessary for designing a coil array capable of inversion of the magnetic polarisability are examined, and sensitivity maps are analysed with this in mind. The summarised sensitivity map for a single optimised array is presented, as well as the(More)
A walk-through metal detector system has been used for measuring the magnetic polarisability tensor for a variety of metallic objects. We propose a method for classifying objects by their metallic composition using features of the tensor. Furthermore, we investigate the potential of using the tensor representation as an indication geometric properties of(More)
A conductive object subject to an applied varying magnetic field will emit a secondary magnetic field or scattered field. The scattered field is dependent on the geometry of the object and its material properties (conductivity, permeability, etc). If we can calculate the scattered field for a given geometry (the scattering problem), we can infer the(More)
The characteristic bio-impedance spectra of a biological sample can provide important information about its cellular structure, and further, infer useful information about the physical and chemical condition of the sample. In this paper, we present the background detail of a magnetic induction spectroscopy system for non-contact bio-impedance measurements,(More)
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