Michael D McCarten

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Induction of cataracts by occupational exposure in flight crew has been an important topic of interest in aerospace medicine over the past 5 yr, in association with numerous reports of flight-associated disease incidences. Due to numerous confounding variables, it has been difficult to determine whether there is increased cataract risk directly caused by(More)
Although the spread of disease on board Navy ships is not a novel concept, the medical department of the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT recently experienced a significant outbreak of viral gastroenteritis while at sea. The impact on the crew and medical department is reviewed in this case report. The use of the Navy Disease Non-Battle Injury tracking system was(More)
BACKGROUND AND METHODS The spectral absorbance of iv lipid emulsion produces interference in the in vitro spectrophotometric measurement of hemoglobin saturation. Therefore, we investigated in vivo mixed venous oximetry during lipid emulsion infusions. Boluses of lipid emulsion, increasing by 0.1-g/kg increments, were infused every 30 mins into nine(More)
Male rats were made narcotic dependent through continuous intravenous infusion of morphine. During withdrawal, nantradol, clonidine, and morphine were found to block withdrawal signs in a dose-dependent manner. Almost complete alleviation of withdrawal occurred with nantradol or clonidine at 0.16 mg/kg and with morphine at 40 mg/kg. The effectiveness of(More)
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