Michael D Maves

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Anatomy is the basic science of all surgery. Surgery in the region of the head and neck cannot be considered safe unless the surgeon thoroughly understands the anatomy of this area and its important variations. Although anatomic structures and the relations between them do not change, our knowledge of anatomy must be continually updated to meet the(More)
Promoting Preventive Services for Adults 50–64: Community and Clinical Partnerships is a landmark document intended to help promote lifesaving clinical preventive services for adults aged 50 to 64. As the first in a series, this innovative resource identifies a set of recommended preventive services, provides indicators and baseline data at national and(More)
Pitch perturbation is a measure of the cycle-to-cycle variation in vocal fold vibration. Perturbation can be assessed by means of electroglottographic or acoustic signals. The purpose of this study was to determine if these two analysis techniques are equivalent measures. The Laryngograph, an electroglottograph, and the Visi-Pitch, an acoustic analyzer,(More)
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