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BACKGROUND During exercise, the sympathetic nervous system is activated and blood pressure and heart rate increase. In heart failure (HF), the muscle metaboreceptor contribution to sympathetic outflow is attenuated and the mechanoreceptor contribution is accentuated. Previous studies suggest that (1) capsaicin stimulates muscle metabosensitive vanilloid(More)
BACKGROUND Heart failure (HF) is an important risk factor for perioperative morbidity and mortality. While these patients are at high risk for cardiac adverse events, there are few current data describing the types of noncardiac complications that occur in this population. METHODS We performed a multicenter cohort study of patients undergoing noncardiac(More)
Reflex cardiovascular responses to muscle contraction are mediated by mechanical and metabolic stimulation of thin muscle afferent fibers. Metabolic stimulants and receptors involved in responses are uncertain. Capsaicin depolarizes thin sensory afferent nerves that have vanilloid type 1 receptors (VR1). Among potential endogenous ligands of thin fibers, H+(More)
BACKGROUND Acute lung injury (ALI) is associated with high mortality. Low tidal volume (Vt) ventilation has been shown to reduce mortality in ALI patients in the intensive care unit. Anesthesiologists do not routinely provide lung-protective ventilation strategies to patients with ALI in the operating room. The authors hypothesized that an alert,(More)
Many cases of malignant hyperthermia triggered by volatile anesthetic agents have been described. However, to our knowledge, there has not been a report describing the precise changes in physiologic data of a human suffering from this process. Here we describe a case of malignant hyperthermia in which monitoring information was frequently and accurately(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of acute lung injury (ALI) in hypoxic patients undergoing surgery is currently unknown. Previous studies have identified lung protective ventilation strategies that are beneficial in the treatment of ALI. The authors sought to determine the incidence and examine the use of lung protective ventilation strategies in patients receiving(More)
PURPOSE To determine how a formula to estimate kinetically changing glomerular filtration rate (keGFR) relates to serum creatinine changes and to compare the discriminatory ability of keGFR to that of perioperative change in serum creatinine to predict acute kidney injury (AKI) and mortality. MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective cohort study at a(More)
Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels are used as a measure of glycemic control, with greater levels indicating poorer control and a greater risk of death. However, recent studies have found a U-shaped association between the HbA1c levels and mortality in patients with heart failure, with the lowest risk of death associated with elevated HbA1c levels, usually >7%.(More)
BACKGROUND Intraoperative electrocardiographic monitoring is considered a standard of care. However, there are no evidence-based algorithms for using intraoperative ST segment data to identify patients at high risk for adverse perioperative cardiac events. Therefore, we performed an exploratory study of statistical measures summarizing intraoperative ST(More)