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CONTEXT Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and sleep apnea have been linked to hypertension in previous studies, but most of these studies used surrogate information to define SDB (eg, snoring) and were based on small clinic populations, or both. OBJECTIVE To assess the association between SDB and hypertension in a large cohort of middle-aged and older(More)
On the basis of their answers to a self-administered questionnaire, 697 nonsmoking healthy subjects were chosen from a randomly selected sample representative of the white non-Mexican-American population of Tucson, Arizona, enrolled in a longitudinal study of respiratory health. For each subject, the first satisfactory set of flow-volume data obtained(More)
Data from the Tucson epidemiological study of airways obstructive disease on smoking of non-tobacco cigarettes such as marijuana were analysed to determine the effect of such smoking on respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function. Among adults aged under 40, 14% had smoked non-tobacco cigarettes at some time and 9% were current users. The prevalence of(More)
We surveyed two general population samples aged 8 to 64 living in the unpolluted, rural area of the Po Delta (northern Italy) (n = 3289) and in the urban area of Pisa (central Italy) (n = 2917). Each subject filled out a standardized interviewer-administered questionnaire. The Pisa sample was divided into three groups according to their residence in the(More)
Lung cancer was found in 20 (9.8%) of 205 patients with cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis (CFA) or 12.9% of the 155 patients in this series followed to death. An excess relative risk of lung cancer of 14.1 was found in patients with CFA compared to the general population of comparable age and sex, allowing for the lengths of follow-up of the CFA patients.(More)
The role of childhood respiratory infections before 12 yrs of age (CRI) and during adolescence-adulthood (ARI) was studied in a general population sample (n = 3,289), living in an unpolluted area of Northern Italy. The presence of respiratory symptoms and diseases, as well as risk factors for obstructive airways disease (OAD), was assessed by a standardized(More)
The associations between lung function measures (spirometry and peak expiratory flow lability) and estimated 20-yr ambient concentrations of respirable particles, suspended sulfates, sulfur dioxide, ozone, and indoor particles were studied in a sample of 1,391 nonsmokers followed since 1977. Differences in air pollutants across the population were(More)
Environmental epidemiological studies of the health effects of air pollution have been major contributors to the understanding of such effects. The chronic effects of atmospheric pollutants have been studied, but, except for the known respiratory effects of particulate matter (PM), they have not been studied conclusively. There are ongoing studies of the(More)
This article describes the characteristics and course of asthma among subjects who were older than 65 years at the time of enrollment in a longitudinal study of a general population sample. It was present in 3.8 percent of men and 7.1 percent of women. An additional 4.1 percent of men reported having "asthma," but they also had seen a physician for(More)
BACKGROUND The increase in childhood obesity and prevalence of chronic disease risk factors demonstrate the importance of creating healthy school environments. As part of the Border Health Strategic Initiative, the School Health Index was implemented in public schools in two counties along the Arizona, United States-Sonora, Mexico border. Developed in 2000(More)