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We analyzed the UNIX 4.2 BSD file system by recording user-level activity in trace files and writing programs to analyze the traces. The tracer did not record individual read and write operations, yet still provided tight bounds on what information was accessed and when. The trace analysis shows that the average file system bandwidth needed per user is low(More)
We analyzed the user-level file access patterns and caching behavior of the Sprite distributed file system. The first part of our analysis repeated a study done in 1985 of the: BSD UNIX file system. We found that file throughput has increased by a factor of 20 to an average of 8 Kbytes per second per active user over 10-minute intervals, and that the use of(More)
The Sprite operating system allows executing processes to be moved between hosts at any time. We use this process migration mechanism to oooad work onto idle machines, and also to evict migrated processes when idle workstations are reclaimed by their owners. Sprite's migration mechanism provides a high degree of transparency both for migrated processes and(More)
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