Michael D. Konrad

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L arge and complex computer-based systems are critical to the economic and military welfare of the United States and to much of the industrialized world. These systems form the backbone of modern military, business, and governmental operations, and without their continued support, our societies would be severely inconvenienced and even threatened.(More)
A practical noncryogenic process for the Aggarwal stereospecific boronate rearrangement with chiral secondary benzylic carbamates has been developed. The use of LDA instead of sec-BuLi combined with an in situ trapping of the unstable lithiated carbamate was critical to success. Furthermore, this new process increased the substrate scope to include the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study analyzes, to which extent clients formerly detained in forensic psychiatric units can be integrated into the community and what kind of assistance they need. METHODS Analysis of basic documentation in community mental health care in 2 regions. RESULTS Integration into the community is feasible. Former forensic patients are more(More)
Increasing stress-associated health problems in Germany often are attributed to problems on the job, in particular to rising work demands. The study includes several stress predictors from other results and from literature in one predictive model for the field of work of "psychiatric rehabilitation".A cross-sectional design was used to measure personal and(More)