Michael D Kemeny

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The roles of NK cells, surfactant protein D (SP-D), and IFN-γ, as well as the effect of ozone (O3) inhalation, were studied on recirculation of pulmonary dendritic cells (DC) to the mediastinal lymph nodes. O3 exposure and lack of SP-D reduced NK cell IFN-γ and lung tissue CCL21 mRNA expression and impaired DC homing to the mediastinal lymph nodes. Notably,(More)
Microsomes and Golgi fractions were isolated from 13 human liver samples without local malignancy. Binding of insulin to microsomes (per cent per 0.5 mg protein) was 14.4 +/- 7.9% with two classes of receptors: K1 = 1.4 nM, R1 = 0.28 pmol/mg; K2 = 8.1 nM, R2 = 0.62 pmol/mg. The binding was insignificantly lower than in rats. Binding of EGF was only 3.4 +/-(More)
  • D. Huybrechts, M. Kemeny, Thomas Peternell
  • 2012
According to the Bloch–Beilinson conjectures, an auto-morphism of a K3 surface X that acts as the identity on the tran-scendental lattice should act trivially on CH 2 (X). We discuss this conjecture for symplectic involutions and prove it in one third of all cases. The main point is to use special elliptic K3 surfaces and stable maps to produce covering(More)
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic autoimmune disorder characterized by broad clinical manifestations including cardiovascular and renal complications with periodic disease flares and significant morbidity and mortality. One of the main contributing factors to the pathology of SLE is the accumulation and impaired clearance of immune complexes(More)
Previous studies have highlighted the importance of lung-draining lymph nodes in the respiratory allergic immune response, whereas the lung parenchymal immune system has been largely neglected. We describe a new in vivo model of respiratory sensitization to Blomia tropicalis, the principal asthma allergen in the tropics, in which the immune response is(More)
Using a construction of Barth and Verra that realizes torsion bundles on sections of special K3 surfaces, we prove that the minimal resolution of a general paracanonical curve C of odd genus g and order ` ≥ √ g+2 2 is natural, thus proving the Prym–Green Conjecture of [CEFS] . In the process, we confirm the expectation of Barth–Verra concerning the number(More)