Michael D Hall

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Recent auditory research using sequentially presented, spatially fixed tones has found evidence that, as in vision for simultaneous, spatially distributed objects, attention appears to be important for the integration of perceptual features that enable the identification of auditory events. The present investigation extended these findings to arrays of(More)
In 3 experiments, the authors examined short-term memory for pitch and duration in unfamiliar tone sequences. Participants were presented a target sequence consisting of 2 tones (Experiment 1) or 7 tones (Experiments 2 and 3) and then a probe tone. Participants indicated whether the probe tone matched 1 of the target tones in both pitch and duration. Error(More)
Rats were treated continuously for up to 20 months with either haloperidol (1.4–1.6 mg/kg/day), sulpiride (102–109 mg/kg/day) or clozapine (24–27 mg/kg/day). Bmax for specific mesolimbic binding of3H-spiperone,3H-N,n-propylnorapomorphine or3H-piflutixol did not differ in tissue taken from animals treated for up to 12 months with haloperidol, sulpiride or(More)
Rats received therapeutically equivalent doses of either haloperidol (1.7–1.9 mg/kg/day), sulpiride (112–116 mg/kg/day) or clozapine (30–35 mg/kg/day) continuously for 4 weeks. Treatment with haloperidol, but not sulpiride or clozapine, caused inhibition of stereotyped behaviour induced by apomorphine (0.125–0.25 mg/kg SC). Following drug withdrawal for up(More)
In a variant of duplex perception with speech, phoneme perception is maintained when distinguishing components are presented below intensities required for separate detection, forming the basis for the claim that a phonetic module takes precedence over nonspeech processing. This finding is replicated with music chords (C major and minor) created by mixing a(More)
Recent speech research has begun to evaluate the internal structure of categories. In one such study, Kuhl (1991) found that discrimination was poorer for vowel stimuli that were more representative of the category (prototype, or P, set) than it was for less representative stimuli (nonprototype, or NP, set). This finding was interpreted as indicating that a(More)
Three experiments investigated the role of prosody in the comprehension of auditory sentences. In Exp. 1 an analysis of three novice talkers and one expert talker verified the production parameters of one type of syntactic ambiguity and showed that pitch cues were more prominent than duration cues. In Exp. 2, 16 listeners used prosodic information to make(More)
Administration of haloperidol (1.4–1.6 mg/kg/day) for up to 12 months or sulpiride (102–109 mg/kg/day) for between 6 and 12 months increased the frequency of purposeless chewing jaw movements in rats. N,n-propylnorapomorphine (NPA) (0.25–2.0 mg/kg SC) did not induce hypoactivity in haloperidol-treated rats at any time; sulpiride treatment for 9 and 12(More)
Researchers have shown that working memory is related to a variety of high-level cognitive processes. However, the results of recent research have suggested that may be because of its role in attentional control. In the present experiment, the authors investigated that hypothesis by using an attentional interference task with musical stimuli. Listeners were(More)
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