Michael D E Potter

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Description of prediction guides: 3 preendoscopy scores: GBS included hemoglobin levels, urea, systolic blood pressure, pulse, melena, syncope, cardiac failure, and liver failure; ARS included age, shock, and comorbidities; and AIMS65 included albumin levels, International Normalized Ratio, mental state, systolic blood pressure, and age. 2 postendoscopy(More)
It is one of the salient features of an intuitionistic philosophy of mathematics that it denies the possibility that there may be infinite coincidences in mathematics: if a sentence is true, it can only be because there is a finitely expressible reason for it. The same view was expressed from a different standpoint by Hilbert in 1924 when he asserted that(More)
In this paper I consider three technical arguments in logic which have been held by various authors at diverse times to have consequences for the philosophy of mathematics. The first is Frege’s permutation argument, which Davidson (1979) has used to show that proper names have a determinate reference only in a relative sense. The second is the(More)
INTRODUCTION A gluten free diet (GFD), the mainstay of treatment for celiac disease, is being increasingly adopted by people without this condition. The long-term health effects of this diet, apart from its beneficial effect on enteropathy in celiac disease, are unclear. Concerns exist that the GFD may result in micronutrient deficiencies, increased(More)
BACKGROUND Burn injuries are expensive to treat. Burn injuries have been found to be difficult to treat in elderly patients than their younger counterparts. This is likely to result in higher financial burden on the healthcare system; however, no population-specific study has been conducted to ascertain the inpatient treatment costs of elderly patients with(More)
While clonogenic assays are extensively used in radiobiology, there is no widely accepted procedure for choosing the composition of the cell culture media. Cell line suppliers recommend a specific culture medium for each cell line, however a researcher will frequently customize this aspect of the protocol by supplementing the recommended support medium with(More)
Non-coeliac gluten or wheat sensitivity (NCG/WS) is a condition characterised by adverse gastrointestinal and/or extra-intestinal symptoms associated with the ingestion of gluten- or wheat-containing foods, in the absence of coeliac disease or wheat allergy. Up to one in 100 people in Australia may have coeliac disease but many more report adverse(More)
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