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This study investigates the utility of two equations for predicting minimum wrestling weight and three equations for predicting body density for the population of high school wrestlers. A sample of 54 wrestlers was assessed for body density by underwater weighing, residual volume by helium dilution, and selected anthropometric measures. The differences(More)
PURPOSE Researchers who studied the effects of rebound exercise on fitness have concluded that the intensity of rebound exercise elicited only minimal improvements in fitness. This study determined how the addition of arm pumping with handheld weights (HHW) would increase exercise intensity while rebounding. METHODS Fifteen male subjects (20 to 43 years)(More)
MICHAEL D. CONERLY University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487 Introduction Process monitoring using control charts is the most common method used in statistical process control (SPC). In the literature two phases of control charts are distinguished: Phase I and Phase II control charting. Phase I control charting consist of two stages: Stage 1, the(More)
Multifactor ANOVA procedures are commonly used by practitioners. A hierarchical process for testing the interaction effect(s) first, followed by tests for the main effects, is usually employed. Generally, no consideration is given to the overall type I error rate for these dependent (or conditional) tests. In this article, we formulate a method to evaluate(More)
The purpose of the present study was to determine whether there is a sex difference in limb muscle cross-sectional area by comparing upper- and lower-body limb fat-free cross-sectional areas (FFCSAs) adjusted for differences in fat-free weight (FFW), in male and female athletes with similar histories of upper-body physical conditioning and in non-athletes.(More)
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