Michael D. Collins

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Theory predicts, and recent empirical studies have shown, that the diversity of plant species determines the diversity of associated herbivores and mediates ecosystem processes, such as aboveground net primary productivity (ANPP). However, an often-overlooked component of plant diversity, namely population genotypic diversity, may also have wide-ranging(More)
  • Leemon C Baird Iii, William L Bahn, Michael D Collins, Martin C Carlisle, Sean C Butler, Mil
  • 2007
— Traditionally, omnidirectional, radio frequency (RF) communication has been made resistant to jamming by the use of a secret key that is shared by the sender and receiver. There are no known methods for achieving jam resistance without that shared key. Unfortunately, wireless communication is now reaching a scale and a level of importance where such(More)
We consider the problem of establishing jam-resistant, wireless, omnidirectional communication channels when there is no initial shared secret. No existing system achieves this. We propose a general algorithm for this problem, the BBC algorithm, and give several instantiations of it. We develop and analyze this algorithm within the framework of a new type(More)
A tank experiment was carried out to investigate underwater sound propagation over an elastic bottom in flat and sloping configurations. The purpose of the experiment was to evaluate range-dependent propagation models with high-quality experimental data. The sea floor was modeled as an elastic medium by a polyvinyl chloride slab. The relatively high(More)
Recent improvements in the parabolic equation method are combined to extend this approach to a larger class of seismo-acoustics problems. The variable rotated parabolic equation [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 120, 3534-3538 (2006)] handles a sloping fluid-solid interface at the ocean bottom. The single-scattering solution [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 121, 808-813 (2007)](More)
Information security is only attained when all four of the classic information assurance goals-confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and availability – are attained. The work presented focuses exclusively on the availability goal; in particular, maintaining the availability of the physical layer link in an omnidirectional wireless communications system.(More)
Exposure of C57BL/6J mice to three anticonvulsant derivatives, namely, dimethadione, sodium valproate, and sodium diphenylhydantoin, each induced postaxial forelimb ectrodactyly. The agents were administered at gestational days 9, 9 1/3, 9 2/3, and 10. It was determined that administration at day 9 2/3 induced the highest percentage of forelimb ectrodactyly(More)
—Improvements in the capability of handling sloping interfaces and boundaries with the parabolic equation method have been an active area of research. Recent progress in accurately treating range-dependent seismoacoustic problems has involved coordinate transformation techniques. The variable-rotated parabolic equation is among recent advances in this area.(More)
Systems-thinking requires participants to view problems, and their solutions, within the context of the overall system. When this involves participants from diverse professional communities, several barriers to effective communication can arise. As in all human communities, shorthand representations , such as specialized jargon, that aid in efficient and(More)
A series of laboratory experiments was conducted to obtain high-quality data for acoustic propagation in shallow water waveguides with sloping elastic bottoms. Accurate modeling of transmission loss in these waveguides can be performed with the variable rotated parabolic equation method. Results from an earlier experiment with a flat or sloped slab of(More)