Michael D. Birnbaum

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Arginylation is an emerging post-translational modification mediated by arginyltransferase (ATE1) that is essential for mammalian embryogenesis and regulation of the cytoskeleton. Here, we discovered that Ate1-knockout (KO) embryonic fibroblasts exhibit tumorigenic properties, including abnormally rapid contact-independent growth, reduced ability to form(More)
In their review of female sterilization procedures, Dr. Mumford and colleagues indicate a high complication rate for laparoscopy. In my extensive experience of laparoscopy, I occasionally create emphysema of the abdominal wall and even of the omentum. Abdominal wall emphysema is totally innocuous, and the same can be said for omental emphysema. To call(More)
Arginyltransferase 1 (Ate1) mediates protein arginylation, a poorly understood protein posttranslational modification (PTM) in eukaryotic cells. Previous evidence suggest a potential involvement of arginylation in stress response and this PTM was traditionally considered anti-apoptotic based on the studies of individual substrates. However, here we found(More)
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