Michael D. Birnbaum

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Forty-eight women with menstrual dysfunction and clinical evidence of excess androgen production were subjected to an adrenocorticotropic hormone stimulation test that demonstrated the presence of a late-onset 11- or 21-adrenocortical hydroxylase deficiency. Adrenocortical suppression therapy with prednisone was then instituted. Eighty-three percent of the(More)
Arginylation is an emerging post-translational modification mediated by arginyltransferase (ATE1) that is essential for mammalian embryogenesis and regulation of the cytoskeleton. Here, we discovered that Ate1-knockout (KO) embryonic fibroblasts exhibit tumorigenic properties, including abnormally rapid contact-independent growth, reduced ability to form(More)
Eighteen infertile women desiring conception were selected for additional diagnostic studies on the basis of clinical evidence of hyperandrogenism characterized by acne and/or facial hirsutism. These 18 patients underwent stimulation tests with adrenocorticotropic hormone which demonstrated the presence of partial adrenocortical hydroxylase deficiences. All(More)
Arginyltransferase 1 (Ate1) mediates protein arginylation, a poorly understood protein posttranslational modification (PTM) in eukaryotic cells. Previous evidence suggest a potential involvement of arginylation in stress response and this PTM was traditionally considered anti-apoptotic based on the studies of individual substrates. However, here we found(More)
Thirty-six women with acne vulgaris who consulted gynecologist with complaints of hirsutism, infertility, menorrhagia, or oligomenorrhea were evaluated for an androgen abnormality with assays for testosterone (T), androstenedione (A), and dehydro-epi-androsterone (DHEA). Forty-eight percent of the DHEA measurements were elevated and 61% of the patients had(More)