Michael D. Austin

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An array of nano-channels was fabricated from silicon based semiconductor materials to stretch long, native dsDNA. Here we present a labeling scheme in which it is possible to identify the location of specific sequences along the stretched DNA molecules. The scheme proceeds by first using the strand displacement activity of the Vent (exo-) polymerase to(More)
We propose and demonstrate a new SERS substrate architecture that couples a dense three-dimensional (3-D) cavity nanoantenna array, through nano-gaps, with dense plasmonic nanodots; and a new nanofabrication that combines nanoimprint, guided self-assembly and self-alignment and has fabricated the architecture precisely, simply, inexpensively and over large(More)
Measurements of basal pitch and frequency level were determined for fifteen normal speaking school-aged children on each of two consecutive days during three time periods each day. The results indicated that as a group, the male children's basal pitch and frequency levels did not change significantly within and across days. Variability in basal pitch levels(More)
We present a simple process to fabricate gold nanocontacts with a gap as small as sub-10 nm. This method uses a two-step process of nanoimprint lithography ͑NIL͒ and electromigration. First, 20 nm wide gold nanowires were fabricated by NIL on a silicon dioxide substrate. Then by passing an electric current through a nanowire, the nanowire is split into two(More)
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