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The People Who Discovered Columbus: The Prehistory of the Bahamas
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Economic Growth and the Ending of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
This study is the first to consider the consequences of Britain's abolition of the Atlantic slave trade for British imperial expansion and the world economy. It argues that the British led the way inExpand
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A history of the Bahamas
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Searching for the Invisible Man: Slaves and Plantation Life in Jamaica
Prologue: Worthy Park and Its Context, 1670-1975 Part 1: The Slave Population at Large 1. The Population before 1783 2. Demographic Patterns, 1783-1838 3. Mortality, Fertility, Life Expectancy,Expand
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The Bahamian self and the Haitian other: The migration of Haitians to and through the Bahamas, 1950–2000
This article briefly traces the history of Haitian migration to and from and through the Bahamas, going on to differentiate and describe the lifestyles of contemporary Haitian Bahamians, and toExpand
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From aboriginal times to the end of slavery
This comprehensive volume details the full, extraordinary history of all the people who have ever inhabited the islands and explains the evolution of a Bahamian national identity within the frameworkExpand
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Changing patterns of slave families in the British West Indies
. . . any Attempt to restrain this Licentious Intercourse between the Sexes amongst the Slaves in this Island in the present State of their Notions of Right and Wrong, by introducing the MarriageExpand
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