Michael Cornwell

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The accumulation of daunomycin in drug-sensitive and multidrug-resistant human KB cells was examined using light microscopy to detect the inherent fluorescence of daunomycin. Intracellular accumulation of fluorescent drug occurred rapidly in parental KB cells and was markedly reduced in several multidrug-resistant mutants. The addition of verapamil, which(More)
The photoaffinity reagent 8-azido-alpha-[32P]ATP was used to label a protein of 170 kDa in membrane vesicle preparations from a highly multidrug-resistant cell line, KB-V1, but not from the drug-sensitive parental cell line KB-3-1. The 170-kDa labeled protein was immunoprecipitated with a monoclonal antibody (MRK-16) to P glycoprotein. Both ATP and GTP(More)
This paper describes the role of quick prototyping in the Secure Military Message Systems project. The issues that are being explored with quick prototyping are identified. To date, a small prototype message system written in Franz Lisp has been implemented on a Vax 11/780. The guidelines observed and the lessons learned in constructing the prototype are(More)
Multicellular contact has been shown to influence the in vitro sensitivity of cells to drug treatment. We investigated the use of macroporous gelatin microcarriers, CultiSpher-G, as a convenient laboratory system for the molecular analysis of this "contact effect". We determined that human A549 cells can be grown in CultiSphers with growth and cell cycle(More)
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