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Theory presented in a previous paper has been used to provide a description of the responses expected from selection in two or more generations of a selfing series. Optimum two-stages and multi-stage selection programmes are described, for a limited set of circumstances, and compared with the single-stage designs described previously. Simulations show that(More)
Theory is presented to describe the effects of a single round of selection during a selfing programme in terms of both the mean and the genetical variance of the inbred lines produced. Response equations describing the effect on the inbred means are used to determine optimum breeding designs in a limited set of circumstances. These theoretical arguments are(More)
Adult rats were pretreated with a 3-day regimen of human menopausal gonadotrophin (hMG), PMSG, human FSH or hCG and experiments were carried out on the day of pro-oestrus. Treatment with hMG and hFSH induced a significant increase in the number of preovulatory follicles on the day of pro-oestrus and this was correlated with increased circulating(More)
In this work, a monoclonal antibody called G12, raised against the most immunotoxic peptide to celiac disease patients, was used to develop a sandwich ELISA. Preliminary results on cross-reactivities, recoveries, and extraction methods of the new assay are presented. The assay calibration was performed using material from the Prolamin Working Group. The(More)
The ability to undertake therapeutic work either directly or indirectly is central to many Clinical Psychology posts. This paper focuses on the acquisition of skills and knowledge gained through experiential learning components of a Clinical Psychology doctoral training programme following the introduction of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) into its academic(More)
The inheritance of diosgenin in fenugreek seed was investigated using seed from parents, F (1) and F (2) generations grown in an individually randomised field experiment. Evidence based on GLC assay results for monohydroxysapogenin yield, indicates significant genetic segregation for this character in the two crosses examined. The potential exists for the(More)
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