Michael Cooke

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W To develop sampling strategies and bioassay protocols for indoor air containing emissions from coal combustion in homes of the rural Xuan Wei County in China, we developed a medium-volume sampler to collect the <lO-pm particles and semivolatile organics by a filter and an XADS resin, respectively. A high-volume particulate sampler was used for comparison.(More)
The colonic crypt is the functional unit of the colon mucosa with a central role in ion and water reabsorption. Under steady-state conditions, the distal colonic crypt harbors a single stem cell at its base that gives rise to highly proliferative progenitor cells that differentiate into columnar, goblet, and endocrine cells. The role of c-Myb in crypt(More)
A searchable library of MS/MS spectra obtained using a quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer and electrospray or atmospheric pressure chemical ionization is presented. The application of wideband excitation (activation) and normalized collision energy leads to highly reproducible mass spectra which are searched using the NIST algorithm. Flow injection and(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic adductor enthesopathy is a well-known cause of groin pain in athletes. Currently, percutaneous nonselective adductor tenotomies give mixed results and not always predictable outcomes. HYPOTHESIS A selective partial adductor longus release as treatment for recalcitrant chronic adductor longus enthesopathy provides excellent pain relief(More)
The major exposure and uptake route for soluble toxins by aquatic organisms is generally considered to be through the water column. In the case of hydrophobic chemicals, exposure and uptake through diet often take on greater importance as the chemicals adsorb onto organic sediments and food. A chemical that has recently come under close scrutiny because of(More)
An all-metallic submicrometer device is demonstrated experimentally at room temperature that performs logical NOT operations on magnetic logic signals. When this two-terminal ferromagnetic structure is incorporated into a magnetic feedback loop, the junction performs a frequency division operation on an applied oscillating magnetic field. Up to 11 of these(More)
As fabrication technology pushes the dimensions of ferromagnetic structures into the nanoscale, understanding the magnetization processes of these structures is of fundamental interest, and key to future applications in hard disk drives, magnetic random access memory and other 'spintronic' devices. Measurements on elongated magnetic nanostructures(More)
Complement-mediated bactericidal activity has long been regarded as the serological correlate of protective immunity against Neisseria meningitidis. This was affirmed in 2005 at a WHO-sponsored meningococcal serology standardization workshop. The assay currently employed by most laboratories involves determining surviving bacterial colony counts on agar as(More)