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In this study, we show that NANOG, a master transcription factor, regulates S-phase entry in human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) via transcriptional regulation of cell cycle regulatory components. Chromatin immunoprecipitation combined with reporter-based transfection assays show that the C-terminal region of NANOG binds to the regulatory regions of CDK6 and(More)
IgE plus antigen-stimulated mast cells degranulate, synthesize leukotrienes and secrete cytokines. According to the coalescence model this process is initiated in specific membrane compartments termed rafts. There, enhanced levels of glycosphingolipids and cholesterol stabilize the interaction of FcepsilonRI and Lyn, and thus facilitate the first steps of(More)
ii This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information concerning the subject matter covered. It is published with the understanding that the Organization for Autism Research, Inc., is not engaged in the rendering of legal, medical, or other professional services. If legal, medical, or other expert advice or assistance is(More)
This workshop aims at discussing conceptual and methodological tools for studying and understanding aesthetic experience of technology. Within the HCI and interaction design community there is an increasing interest for the role that aesthetics and, more broadly, user experience plays in the design of interactive artefacts, environments and interfaces.(More)
—The general purpose DØ collider detector, located at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, is operated in the high lu-minosity cm s and high-collision-rate environment (396 ns between beam crossings) of the upgraded Teva-tron proton anti-proton accelerator. DØ uses a three-tiered trigger system to select events for offline storage and analysis. This paper(More)
Devising educational workshops and programmes that generate a more meaningful engagement with the public Time, place and technology in museums: A dialogical approach to the experience We are delighted to host the international workshop ReThinking Technology in Museums, made possible by the generous support of Convivio, the EU-sponsored Network for(More)
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