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The Molecular Surface Package is a reimplementation, in C, of a set of earlier FORTRAN programs for computing analytical molecular surfaces, areas, volumes, polyhedral molecular surfaces, and surface curvatures. The software does not do interactive molecular graphics, but it will produce pixel maps of smooth molecular surfaces. The polyhedral molecular(More)
The immunogenic and antigenic determinants of a synthetic peptide and the corresponding antigenic determinants in the parent protein have been elucidated. Four determinants have been defined by reactivity of a large panel of antipeptide monoclonal antibodies with short, overlapping peptides (7-28 amino acids), the immunizing peptide (36 amino acids), and(More)
A method is presented for measuring protein surface shape. It is an improvement of an earlier method that intersects a sphere with the solvent-excluded volume of a protein molecule. The new method, called a shape distribution, produces a more sophisticated description of the region of the sphere inside the protein than is provided by simply measuring the(More)
Studies of the structures and interactions of large biological molecules require both coordinate data and three-dimensional visualization. Orthodox molecular models often bear a tenuous relationship to the coordinate data. In contrast, computer graphics requires that the display directly and accurately represent the data, and storage of modified(More)
The thermal expansion of a protein, metmyoglobin, was investigated by analysis of the refined X-ray crystal structures at 80 and 255-300 K. On heating from 80 to 300 K, the volume occupied by myoglobin increases by approximately 3%. The linear thermal expansion coefficient is estimated to be 115 X 10(-6) K-1. This value is more than twice as large as that(More)
  • M L Connolly
  • 1986
The three-dimensional refined high resolution structures of 20 proteins were examined for the presence of packing defects of atomic size or larger. Of the proteins examined, 12 had no such packing defects, 6 proteins had just 1 packing defect, and 2 proteins had 2 or 3 packing defects. These results confirm earlier studies on smaller samples of proteins(More)
Computer graphics modeling of the thyroxine-prealbumin complex provides a detailed picture of the interactions between thyroxine and prealbumin. A wide variety of thyroid hormone analogue-prealbumin complexes were modeled by calculating the molecular surfaces of the analogues and the prealbumin hormone-binding site. Analogues with high binding affinity were(More)