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PURPOSE Stereotactic pallidotomy, which has evolved as a result of technological advances in high-resolution MR imaging and microelectrode electrophysiological recording, is becoming a major form of treatment for patients with Parkinson disease in whom medical therapy has failed. We describe the location and appearance of the pallidotomy lesion on(More)
BACKGROUND Appendicitis and splenic rupture are 2 rare complications of colonoscopy reported in the literature. To our knowledge splenic rupture following colonoscopy has been reported 17 times in the English-language literature and is associated with excess traction on the splenocolic ligament. Appendicitis after colonoscopy has been reported only 9 times(More)
Reproducibility is a defining feature of science. However, because of strong incentives for innovation and weak incentives for confirmation, direct replication is rarely practiced or published. The Reproducibility Project is an open, large-scale, collaborative effort to systematically examine the rate and predictors of reproducibility in psychological(More)
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