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BACKGROUND Niemann-Pick type C (NP-C) is a rare autosomal recessive progressive neurodegenerative disorder caused by mutations in the NP-C 1 or 2 gene. Besides visceral symptoms, presentation in adolescent and adult onset variants is often with neurological symptoms. The most frequently reported presenting symptoms of NP-C in adulthood are psychiatric(More)
Notwithstanding the considerable attention private equity receives, there continues to be substantial confusion about what private equity does and whether this creates value. Calls for more aggressive regulation of the industry reflect a skeptical view of private equity as—at best—a zero-sum game, in which profits are generated only at the expense of other(More)
A great deal of everyday expression is, strictly speaking, nonsense. But courts and scholars have done little to consider whether or why such meaningless speech, like nonrepresentational art, falls within “the freedom of speech.” If, as many suggest, meaning is what separates speech from sound and expression from conduct, then the constitutional case for(More)
Some constitutional questions implicate multiple, overlapping provisions of the Constitution’s text. In resolving these questions, the Supreme Court typically addresses each of the relevant clauses in separate and sequential fashion, taking care not to let its analysis of one clause affect its analysis of any other. But every so often the Court takes a(More)
Der Wirkungsnachweis von Arzneimitteln in randomisierten, kontrollierten klinischen Prüfungen bildet die Grundlage der evidenzbasierten Medizin und damit vieler Therapieentscheidungen. Klinische Prüfungen nach dem Arzneimittelgesetz können mit kommerziellem Interesse von Pharmaunternehmen als „company-sponsored trial“ (CST) oder durch nichtkommerzielle(More)
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