Michael Claus

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Creation of an effective metrics and estimation program is an important but daunting step for the maturing software development organization This paper outlines a roadmap for implemenríng a process that establishes a program that will reap a large portion of the benefits early in the process with a minimum of implementation effort and cost This(More)
Past 10 years have seen many changes in software development. Software project failure rate is still high. Agile Analysis, lean software development, scrum, and eXtreme Programming have been hot topics in recent years. How to make smart decision based on your corporate culture and bringing software projects to completion in time, in budget, and in quality(More)
2012: The CORA dataset: validation and diagnostics of ocean temperature and salinity in situ measurement. 2012: Evaluation of the relative performance of sea surface temperature measurements from different types of drifting and moored buoys using satellite-derived reference products, Evaluation of real time and future global monitoring and forecasting(More)
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