Michael Cimino

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BACKGROUND Opioids are frequently used for sedation in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). With time the dosing often increases because of tolerance. On cessation of the sedation there is a risk of the opioid withdrawal syndrome. The aim of our study was to evaluate methadone dosing as a risk factor for opioid withdrawal and to determine optimal dose(More)
This investigation consisted of several tests of specially fabricated nickel-cadmium batteries having circular disk-type electrodes. These batteries were evaluated as filter elements between a constant current power supply and a 5 Hz pulsed load demanding approximately twice the power supply current during the load on a portion of the cycle. Short tests(More)
Banner Health in the Phoenix, AZ, metropolitan area provides individuals in a behavioral health crisis with an alternative to presenting to an Emergency Department (ED). By implementing a process to quickly move patients out of our ED, our health care system has been able to greatly reduce the hold time for behavioral health patients. Through access to(More)
A mother and daughter pair with CF who shared a splice mutation (1717 - 1G --> A) had a normal volume of distribution of tobramycin. The literature on tobramycin pharmacokinetics, which was published before the genetic defect was identified, is discussed. The authors speculate on the role of CFTR in the distribution of aminoglycosides and recommend that(More)
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