Michael Chui

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A number of references in the Human–Computer Inter-rapid succession. In the studies detailed below, we exam-action literature make the common-sense suggestion ine the effect of the presence and absence of the zooming that the animated zooming effect accompanying the effect displayed when a folder is opened or closed in the opening or closing of a folder in(More)
  • Franklin Allen, Jun Qj, Qian, Meijun Qian, Dong Chen, Don Clarke +9 others
  • 2009
We examine and compare the role of China's financial system in supporting the growth of firms and the economy with that in other countries, and explore directions of future development. First, we find that the current financial system is dominated by a large but inefficient banking sector. Reducing the amount of non-performing loans among the major banks to(More)
This paper offers an analytical framework with which to assess some recent proposals for strengthening the international financial architecture. We develop a model of sovereign liquidity crises that reflects two sources of financial stress – weak fundamentals and self-fulfilling expectations. We examine the nature of the underlying coordination game and(More)
X-Informatics is the application of Information Technology to a broad range of applications denoted generically X. Consumer (the IT underlying modern Web 2.0 and Ubiquitous computing) Radar, and Physics (including techniques used in analyzing data from Large Hadron Collider to discover Higgs Boson) Informatics. X-Informatics is characterized by " Big Data "(More)
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