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K contractures and two-microelectrode voltage-clamp techniques were used to measure inactivation of excitation-contraction coupling in small bundles of fibers from rat extensor digitorum longus (e.d.l.) and soleus muscles at 21 degrees C. The rate of spontaneous relaxation was faster in e.d.l. fibers: the time for 120 mM K contractures to decay to 50% of(More)
To determine whether single motor units (MUs) in multitendoned muscles distribute tension to multiple tendons or instead focus tension selectively on a single tendon, we examined the distribution of tension generated by single MUs in the cat extensor digitorum lateralis (EDLat), and in its macaque homolog, the extensor digiti quarti et quinti (ED45).(More)
1. Evoked synaptic potentials and currents were recorded in neonatal rat fourth deep lumbrical muscle during the period of polyneuronal innervation. Signs of inhibitory interactions between converging mononeurone terminals were detected. 2. Muscle fibres innervated by axons from the lateral plantar nerve (LPN) and from the sural nerve (SN) were studied. In(More)
1. Isotonic shortening of cat superficial lumbrical muscles was studied during maximal tetanic contractions of single motor units of identified types. For each motor unit, the maximal speed of contraction, Vmax, was determined by extrapolating to zero the hyperbolic relation between applied tension and speed of shortening. 2. The maximal speeds of(More)
Phosphatidylinositol (PtdIns) transfer proteins (PITPs) regulate signaling interfaces between lipid metabolism and membrane trafficking. Herein, we demonstrate that AtSfh1p, a member of a large and uncharacterized Arabidopsis thaliana Sec14p-nodulin domain family, is a PITP that regulates a specific stage in root hair development. AtSfh1p localizes along(More)
Objective. To determine the relationship between dietary omega-3 fatty acids (n-3 PUFA) and omega-6 fatty acids (n-6 PUFA) with prostate cancer risk from meta-analysis of prospective studies. Design. The literature retrieved from electronic biomedical databases up to June 2011 was critically appraised. General variance-based method was used to pool the(More)
The channels present on the surface membrane of isolated rat flexor digitorum brevis muscle fibers were surveyed using the patch clamp technique. 85 out of 139 fibers had a novel channel which excluded the anions chloride, sulfate, and isethionate with a permeability ratio of chloride to sodium of less than 0.05. The selectivity sequence for cations was Na+(More)
Synaptotagmin 2 (Syt2) functions as a low affinity, fast exocytic Ca(2+) sensor in neurons, where it is activated by Ca(2+) influx through voltage-gated channels. Targeted insertion of lacZ into the mouse syt2 locus reveals expression in mucin-secreting goblet cells of the airways. In these cells, rapid Ca(2+) entry from the extracellular medium does not(More)
Previous researches involving dietary methods have shown conflicting findings. Authors sought to assess the association of prostate cancer risk with blood levels of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFA) through a meta-analysis of human epidemiological studies in available online databases (July, 2012). After critical appraisal by two independent(More)