Michael Chua

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Phosphatidylinositol (PtdIns) transfer proteins (PITPs) regulate signaling interfaces between lipid metabolism and membrane trafficking. Herein, we demonstrate that AtSfh1p, a member of a large and uncharacterized Arabidopsis thaliana Sec14p-nodulin domain family, is a PITP that regulates a specific stage in root hair development. AtSfh1p localizes along(More)
Synaptotagmin 2 (Syt2) functions as a low affinity, fast exocytic Ca(2+) sensor in neurons, where it is activated by Ca(2+) influx through voltage-gated channels. Targeted insertion of lacZ into the mouse syt2 locus reveals expression in mucin-secreting goblet cells of the airways. In these cells, rapid Ca(2+) entry from the extracellular medium does not(More)
PURPOSE We establish novel primary rat meibomian gland (MG) cell culture systems and explore the ion transport activities of the rat MG. METHODS Freshly excised rat MG tissues were characterized as follows: (1) mRNA expression of selected epithelial ion channels/transporters were measured by RT-PCR, (2) localization of epithelial sodium channel (ENaC)(More)
The naturally fluorescent compound quinine has long been used to treat malaria infections. Although some evidence suggests that quinine acts in the parasite food vacuole, the mechanism of action of quinine has not yet been resolved. The Plasmodium falciparum multidrug resistance (pfmdr1) gene encodes a food vacuolar membrane transporter and has been linked(More)
Project Summary The aim of the project is to advance the work of Koopman, Lucas and Monteiro (2005) on the relationship between rating transitions and macroeconomic conditions by adopting an econometric approach which can test a greater variety of specifications of systematic risk. The use of Bayesian sampling techniques for inference is innovative in this(More)
Inactivation of excitation-contraction coupling was examined in extensor digitorum longus (EDL) and soleus muscle fibers from rats injected daily with tri-iodothyronine (T3, 150 t~g/kg) for 10-14 d. Steady-state activation and inactivation curves for contraction were obtained from measurements of peak potassium contracture tension at different surface(More)
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