Michael Christoffel

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One main idea when developing user interfaces for digital and hybrid libraries is to make use of real-world metaphors. This gives library customers the advantage to access digital collections the same way as they would traditional collections. However, while existing " real world " library interfaces still miss the attraction of the wider public, game(More)
This contribution argues that electronic markets can serve as a powerful mechanism to entice providers to identify their customer base and to offer customer-oriented, high-quality and economical services and to induce customers to a more focused and price-conscious behavior. The paper claims that this should be particularly true for the provision and access(More)
The success of the Internet as a medium for the supply and commerce of various kinds of goods and services leads to a fast growing number of autonomous and heterogeneous providers that offer and sell goods and services electronically. The new market structures have already entered all kinds of markets. Approaches for market infrastructures usually try to(More)
The modern society depends on the provision and distribution of information. We observe the development of worldwide information markets. Traders play an important role in these markets, as they bring together supply and demand. In this paper, we describe a simulation study about mechanisms and rules in information markets under special consideration of the(More)
The success of the Internet and the World Wide Web opened new ways of information supply. While more and more information sources become available, people are faced with the problem of information overload. New kinds of information systems are needed. They give people searching for information the opportunity to participate in the new development and profit(More)
1. MOTIVATION Within the WWW there are lots of different information retrieval services like search engines, news archives, product catalogs, or literature services. In order to support the user, meta search systems provide great benefits and synergies: For instance, a user query can be evaluated on a larger set of documents and by applying duplicate(More)
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