Michael Christ

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According to the traditional model, steroid hormones bind to intracellular receptors and subsequently modulate transcription and protein synthesis, thus triggering genomic events finally responsible for delayed effects. Based upon similarities in molecular structure, specific receptors for steroids, vitamin D(3) derivatives, thyroid hormone, retinoids, and(More)
Let T be a bounded linear, or sublinear, operator from L p (Y) to L q (X). To any sequence of subsets Y j of Y is associated a maximal operator T f(x) = sup j jT (f Yj)(x)j. Under the hypotheses that q > p and the sets Y j are nested, we prove that T is also bounded. Classical theorems of Menshov and Zygmund are obtained as corollaries. Multilinear(More)
BACKGROUND Arrhythmia risk stratification with regard to prophylactic implantable cardioverter-defibrillator therapy is a completely unsolved issue in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (IDC). METHODS AND RESULTS Arrhythmia risk stratification was performed prospectively in 343 patients with IDC, including analysis of left ventricular (LV) ejection(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to examine the incremental value of copeptin for rapid rule out of acute myocardial infarction (AMI). BACKGROUND The rapid and reliable exclusion of AMI is a major unmet clinical need. Copeptin, the C-terminal part of the vasopressin prohormone, as a marker of acute endogenous stress may be useful in this setting.(More)
Part 2. Geometric theory 8. Curvature: Introduction 8.1. Three notions of curvature 8.2. Theorems 8.3. Examples 9. Curvature: Some details 9.1. The exponential representation 9.2. Diffeomorphism invariance 9.3. Curvature condition (CY ) 9.4. Two lemmas 9.5. Double fibration formulation 10. Equivalence of curvature conditions 10.1. Invariant submanifolds and(More)
If a function has a large derivative, then it changes rapidly, and so spends little time near any particular value. This paper is devoted to quantifying that principle for functions of several variables, particularly as it pertains to two problems in harmonic analysis. Along the way we shall encounter diverse problems and techniques, and shall be led to(More)
and some self-adjoint boundary condition at the origin. We assume that U is some bounded function for which HU has absolutely continuous spectrum. The presence of the absolutely continuous spectrum has direct consequences for the physical properties of the quantum particle described by the operator HU (see, e.g. [23, 2]). If we perturb this operator by some(More)
BACKGROUND Because the volume of patient admissions to an emergency department (ED) cannot be precisely planned, the available resources may become overwhelmed at times ("crowding"), with resulting risks for patient safety. The aim of this study is to identify modern triage instruments and assess their validity and reliability. METHODS Review of selected(More)
Communication, i.e., moving data, between levels of a memory hierarchy or between parallel processors on a network, can greatly dominate the cost of computation, so algorithms that minimize communication can run much faster (and use less energy) than algorithms that do not. Motivated by this, attainable communication lower bounds were established in [12,(More)
Rapid in vitro effects of aldosterone on the intracellular concentrations of sodium, potassium and calcium, cell volume and the sodium-proton-antiport have been described in human mononuclear leukocytes and vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC). These nongenomic effects are signalled through membrane receptors with a high affinity for aldosterone, but not for(More)