Michael Cheng

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BACKGROUND Thyroid nodules are common and the principal method of diagnosis is fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC). METHODS To determine the value of FNAC in the diagnosis of thyroid nodules, thyroid cytology of 253 patients with definitive histology after surgery was analyzed from 1992 to 2002. FNAC was correlated with histology and the sensitivity,(More)
We present the DEVise toolkit designed for visual exploration of stream data. Data of this type are collected continuously from sources such as remote sensors, program traces, and the stock market. A typical application involves looking for correlations, which may not be precisely deened, by experimenting with graphical representations. This includes(More)
We present a status report on a new high statistics study of the high temperature transition in full QCD at zero chemical potential. Our simulations use both improved asqtad and p4 staggered quarks on lattices with a temporal extent Nτ = 8 and light quark masses approximately one tenth the strange quark mass. In this report we describe the setup of our(More)
BACKGROUND Resolution of cystic thyroid lesions after aspiration occurs in 8-45% of cases, the remainder require treatment for residual tumour or recurrent cysts. The aim of this study was to identify patient characteristics that predict cyst recurrence to enable these patients to undergo early surgery. METHODS A retrospective analysis of 123 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Frozen section in thyroid surgery is used to make an intraoperative pathological diagnosis of malignancy in a thyroid nodule at the time of hemithyroidectomy. A positive diagnosis allows completion of thyroidectomy, thus avoiding reoperation. However, the use of fine needle aspiration cytology in making a preoperative diagnosis of cancer has(More)
BACKGROUND Screen-detected ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) usually presents as clinically impalpable microcalcification. Although core biopsy is well established as a diagnostic modality for invasive breast cancers, few reports address its impact on the management of screen-detected DCIS. We examined the sensitivity of core biopsy in diagnosing(More)
We present a study of the effect of charm quarks on the QCD equation of state using partiallyquenched p4 charm quarks on a dynamically generated 2+1 flavor background, at zero chemical potential. We show preliminary results for the charm quark contribution to the energy density and pressure in the high temperature region (Tc < T < 4Tc) and compare it to the(More)
In this paper, we present a sparse-coding based clothing image retrieval method. Our proposed method utilizes multiple types of low and high-level features such as clothing type, color, and appearance to describe an input clothing image. Based on the recent success of sparse representation, we advance a locality-sensitive sparse coding framework on the(More)
We present a scaling study of the QCD spectrum using a smeared P4 staggered fermion formulation, in which three, five, and seven-link staples are added to reduce the effects of flavor symmetry breaking. These studies are performed on quenched lattices generated using the oneloop improved Symanzik gauge action, with β = 10 g2 = 7.40,7.75,8.00. The(More)
Citation Cheng, Michael et al. " Finite temperature QCD using 2+1 flavors of domain wall fermions at N[subscript t]=8. " Physical Review D 81.5 (2010): 054510. Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use. The MIT Faculty has made this(More)