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The preparations of sulfmyoglobin (sulf-Mb) by standard procedures have been found heterogeneous by 1H NMR spectroscopy. Presented here are the results of a comprehensive study of the factors that influence the selection among the three dominant isomeric forms of sperm whale sulf-Mb and their resulting detailed optical and 1H NMR properties as related to(More)
The interproton nuclear Overhauser effect (NOE) and paramagnetic dipolar relaxation rates for hyperfine-shifted resonances in the proton NMR spectra of sperm whale met-cyano sulfmyoglobin have led to the location and assignment of the proton signals of the heme pocket residue isoleucine 99 (FG5) in two sulfmyoglobin isomers. Dipolar relaxation rates of(More)
The formation of sulfmyoglobin has been investigated for myoglobin reconstituted with hemins having vinyls replaced by hydrogens to determine the participation of the vinyl groups in the reaction processes. Green complexes are produced in all cases, proving that vinyls are not obligatory for the formation of sulfproteins. In the presence of the 4-vinyl(More)
The influence of solvent isotope composition on 1H-NMR resonance position and linewidth of heme methyls has been investigated for a variety of high-spin ferric hemoproteins for the purpose of detecting hydrogen-bonding interactions in the heme cavity. Consistently larger hyperfine shifts and paramagnetic linewidths in 2H2O than 1H2O are observed for(More)
The selection of books reviewed here is a potpourri with something to interest almost everyone in the health care professions. The books cover computing in health care, an historical analysis of health care statistics, industrial ownership of hospitals, the formation of state health policies, hospice care and nursing homes; and there is a text on management(More)
The proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum of sulfmyoglobin prepared in standard fashion reveals the presence of three forms, A, B, and C, with different chemical reactivity. Conditions for some interconversions of these forms are given. The 1H NMR spectra of the different forms show similar patterns. It appears that the differences between forms(More)
Analysis of the 1H NMR hyperfine shift patterns of isomeric sulfmyoglobins is carried out in the met-aquo and met-cyano states to determine the site of saturation in each protein. The utility of the patterns for structure elucidation is established by specific deuterium labeling of the heme methyls of the terminal base product. On the basis of the known(More)
of language up to the present day. Entries are written by experts in the fields of linguistics and the philosophy of language to reflect the full range of approaches and modes of thought. Each entry includes a brief description of the idea, an account of its development, and its impact on the field of language study. The book is written in an accessible(More)
The molecular and electronic structure of the modified prosthetic group of sulfhemoglobin (SHb) was investigated by 1H NMR for the low-spin ferric cyano-met and high-spin ferrous deoxy sulfhemoglobin complex. The 1H NMR resonances of the two subunits in the cyano-met SHb complex were differentiated on the basis of the differential stability toward(More)
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