Michael Caragiozidis

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As the problem of energy generation and use becomes apparent, technologies for optimal energy management and rational use gain importance. The present work illustrates an architecture that focuses on energy saving at households, a sector accounting for the 42% of global energy consumption in the European Union. The main part of the architecture is provided(More)
For more than a decade it has been observed that due to the continuously augmenting elderly population, medical expenditures for home health care were exponentially raising every year. Healthcare organizations worldwide are being encouraged to find more efficient methods of providing high-quality care with cost savings. Elderly people who live alone may(More)
Since the population of elderly people grows absolutely and in relation to the overall population in the world, the improvement of the quality of life of elderly people at home is of a great importance. This can be achieved through the development of generic technologies for managing their domestic ambient environment consisting of white goods,(More)
Given the energy waste problem and the consequent need for energy optimal use, this paper presents a novel network architecture able to perform real time management of the energy consumed by household appliances. Deploying the recent KNX power line communication technology, the proposed architecture performs three main functions; monitoring of the energy(More)
This paper presents the validation and evaluation process for AIM project. AIM project is developing an architecture to offer a harmonized technology for managing in real time the energy consumption of appliances at home, interworking this information to communication devices over the home network and virtualizing it with the final aim of making it(More)
This paper describes a component-based software architecture and design methodology, which will enable efficient engineering, deployment, and run-time management of reconfigurable ambient intelligent services. A specific application of a media player is taken as an example to show the development of software bundles according to the proposed methodology.(More)
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