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Inwardness and Sociability: A Reply to Carter
Carter argues that Wittgensteinian moral philosophy – typified by the work of Raimond Gaita and Christopher Cordner – rests on shaky foundations because it vacillates between grounding moral
Book and Author
At the last London publishing party of importance, in an imposing panelled room at Hutchinson’s, a romantic head with brows knit and a proud mien, multiplied many times across the whole of one wall,
Children in Company with Adults: Double Coding in Sarah Piatt's Postbellum Children's Poetry
Honorable mention for the 2013 Library Research Prize. Student research paper and cover letter for English 4590.08H Archival Research Methods and American Literature, 1860-1910. Instructor: Elizabeth
African American Male Police Officers' Perceptions of Being Racially Profiled by Fellow Police Officers
African American Male Police Officers’ Perceptions of Being Racially Profiled by Fellow Police Officers by Michael A. Campbell MA, Seton Hall University, 2009 BS, Caldwell College, 2008 Dissertation
Wittgenstein and perception
Introduction Michael Campbell and Michael O'Sullivan 1. Wittgenstein on Perception: an Overview Michael Campbell and Michael O'Sullivan 2. Two Senses of 'See' Marie McGinn 3. Suffering Intentionally?
Companions in Guilt Arguments and Moore's Paradox
In a series of articles Christopher Cowie has provided what he calls a ‘Master Argument’ against the Companions in Guilt (CG) defence of moral objectivity. In what follows I defend the CG strategy