Michael Callaghan

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This paper explicates the metaphors used to conceive of asynchronous text-based communication (ATBC) software, such as email and newsgroups. Design of such software has been guided by an understanding of ATBC as essentially a text communication (textual metaphor). However, this mode of discourse has many similarities with oral communication as well. The(More)
OBJECTIVES Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is thought to be a slowly evolving disease with glacial changes in cartilage morphology necessitating trials of potential treatments lasting 1-2 years with evidence that over 6 months change in cartilage is not detectable. In contrast to cartilage, bone has the capacity to adapt rapidly, such as after fracture. We tested(More)
Patients with chronic pain in one limb, who experienced pain reduction with transcutaneous neurostimulation, were examined for sensory perception in that limb before and during electrical analgesia. Contralateral limbs and normal subjects served as controls. Sensory stimuli were quantified, a range of stimuli were presented and data were analyzed according(More)
Object technology is the dominant software engineering paradigm in most undergraduate computer science courses. Two important topics in this area are design patterns and Java programming, and indeed these are increasingly taught side by side. This paper describes a novel form of visualisation that makes use of a combination of virtual reality and hypertext(More)
This study examined the effect of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) coupled with an internal mental imagery technique (PNFI) on both the attainment and retention of increased range-of-movement (ROM) at the hip joint. Twenty-four young adult subjects were randomly allocated to PNF, PNFI, and control treatments administered in fifteen sessions(More)
Design patterns are a promising new area of software engineering and the study of design patterns is becoming an important feature in the computer science curriculum. Design patterns are usually expressed in a mixture of natural language text and diagrams. The clear communication of these patterns to aid understanding by students and software professionals(More)
A corporate model of sustainable business practices needs to contribute to the stakeholder value in a broader sense (Waddock, Bodwell, & Graves, 2002). Stakeholder value is a broad concept and implies that a company has responsibilities and commitments to many different internal and external stakeholders in the marketplace and society, not only to its(More)
In a world where students are increasing digitally tethered to powerful, always on mobile devices, new models of engagement and approaches to teaching and learning are required from educators. Serious games (SGs) have proved to have instructional potential, but there is still a lack of methodologies and tools not only for their design but also to support(More)