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New Evidence on the Last Days of Ugarit
Ugaritic domain at the expense of the vanquished Mukish.' Niqmad's successors remained loyal to the great Anatolian power. As attested in the records of Ramses II and confirmed by a recentlyExpand
841 B. C.: The First Assyrian Invasion of Israel
Biblical chronology makes it certain that Jehu's coup d'6tat took place in 841 B.C., the very year he paid tribute to Shalmaneser III, according to that king's records. These events coincided withExpand
The Origin of the Terms "Canaan," "Phoenician," and "Purple"
FOR a long time the name "Canaan" was considered Semitic. Then this name appeared in cuneiform texts from Tell el-Amarna and Bo'azk6y as Ki-na-ah-ni, Ki-naah-na, Ki-na-ah-hi, Ki-na-a-ah-hi, andExpand
Crossing boundaries and linking horizons : studies in honor of Michael C. Astour on his 80th birthday
When writing can change your life, when writing can enrich you by offering much money, why don't you try it? Are you still very confused of where getting the ideas? Do you still have no idea withExpand
Ḫattus̆ilis̆, Ḫalab, and Ḫanigalbat
that of Suppiluliuma'. The number, names, and sequence of several Hittite kings of that period depend on its interpretation. The recent reevaluation of the Halab treaty by H. Otten2 brought about aExpand
Ancient Greek Civilization in Southern Italy
Thus the great Russian poet warned the "Old World" in a powerful poem written on January 30, 1918, in the cataclysmic time of world war and revolution, calling upon it to join, before it was tooExpand