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The trajectories of propagating self-organized, well-localized solitary patterns (dissipative solitons) in the form of electrical current filaments are experimentally investigated in a planar quasi-two-dimensional dc gas-discharge system with high Ohmic semiconductor barrier. Earlier phenomenological models qualitatively describing the experimental(More)
1 Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the need for high-performance computing. These demands come from disciplines such as particle physics traditionally relying on High Performance Computing (HPC) but lately also from the various branches of life science that have matured into quantitative disciplines. The classical infrastructure of university(More)
In this paper, we introduce a scientific format for text-based data files, which facilitates storing and communicating tabular data sets. The so-called Full-Metadata Format builds on the widely used INI-standard and is based on four principles: readable self-documentation, flexible structure, fail-safe compatibility, and searchability. As a consequence, all(More)
The overall research in Reinforcement Learning (RL) concentrates on discrete sets of actions, but for certain real-world problems it is important to have methods which are able to find good strategies using actions drawn from continuous sets. This paper describes a simple control task called direction finder and its known optimal solution for both discrete(More)
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