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Elucidation of the phylogenetic origins of simian and human immunodeficiency viruses (SIV and HIV) is fundamental to the understanding of HIV pathogenesis and the spread of AIDS worldwide. In this study, we molecularly characterized multiple SIVAGM isolates from four different African green monkey species (vervet, grivet, sabaeus and tantalus monkeys).(More)
Rate-versus level functions (RI functions) for characteristic frequency (CF) stimulation were measured from primary auditory nerve fibres from different spontaneous rate categories in the guinea pig cochlea. Attention was focussed on those fibres that showed clear breakpoints in their RI functions (sloping-saturation fibres). A statistical curve fitting(More)
A detailed investigation was carried out of the response of single auditory nerve fibres in the guinea pig to tone bursts. Comparisons were made between the shapes of peri-stimulus-time histograms (PSTHs) of low and high characteristic frequency (CF) fibres grouped according to their spontaneous firing rates (SR). Both low and high CF fibres of high(More)
Detailed measurements of rate-versus-level (RI) functions close to threshold were made from single primary auditory nerve fibres in the guinea pig cochlea. For all fibres, a simple square law provided the best statistical fit to the data near threshold, regardless of spontaneous fibrin rate of the fibre. In no case was a better fit obtained with an exponent(More)
Alford rotation analysis of 2C × 2C shear-wave data (two source components, two receiver components) for azimuthal anisotropy is valid only when the orientation of that azimuthal anisotropy is invariant with depth. The Winterstein and Meadows method of layer stripping vertical seismic profiling (VSP) data relaxes this restriction for coarse-layer variation(More)
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